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WTX Ranch consists of 9,522 acres of virgin South Texas brush country located in the “Golden Triangle” in southern Maverick County and managed exclusively for trophy whitetail deer, as well as 27,740 scenic acres in the Trans-Pecos mountains of West Texas being managed to promote trophy desert mule deer.

WTX Ranch presently offers an array of low fence trophy whitetail hunting opportunities, as follows:



  • Trophy Whitetail hunts for mature bucks over 140 up to 169 gross B&C limited to availability.
  • Mature Whitetail buck hunts, fully guided for mature bucks up to 140 gross B&C.
  • Cull/Meat hunts for mature bucks/does.
We can also arrange affordable javalina/hog hunts. All hunts are for mature "free range" game animals.

Please click on “Contact WTX RANCH” and “Hunt Price Info” for further details on pricing and availability.


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WTX RANCH reserves the right to limit the number of hunts offered so as to improve the odds of hunter success.

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